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Why blade trainers? Because sticks don't always cut it.

Michael Butz - owner, Talim Trainers

Are you a martial arts practitioner? Do you train a Filipino, weapons-based art like Eskrima, Kali or Arnis? If you're like most of us, you've been using sticks during training to simulate a blade. Historically, training with a stick was necessary for safety...but not anymore!

Why use a Talim Trainer?

  • Become a better Eskrimador! Develop proper technique and learn the difference between stick and blade use
  • No more ruined edges! Learn how to wield a blade correctly to avoid damaging it
  • Save money! Talim Trainers average about half the price of aluminum and plastic trainers while providing more function
  • Exclusive discounts! Get first notice and special pricing on future products
  • Money Back Guarantee! We stand behind our product and will gladly give a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied
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Here's what our customers are saying...

I highly recommend Talim Trainers' handmade sword, dagger and knife trainers to all FMA enthusiasts! I have always encouraged my students to use blade trainers to understand the nuances of correct blade work and Talim Trainers have some of the very best!

Pangulong Guro Jon Ward
Inayan Martial Arts Association

I have been using my Talim Trainer for several months now and I have been extremely pleased with its durability and beauty. This trainer does exactly what I need it to do when simulating a live blade. I highly recommend this product.

Guro Mike Cardenas
VEA Martial Arts Academy

I think that every one should have periodic training sessions that involves practice with a blade. Please check these trainers out. I am in no way financially involved with the company. I get no kick backs. I just like the concept and the weapons themselves. Please take a look at Talim Trainers. I am going to buy a few for my family. My daughter just started taking lessons and I want her to only use a blade, from the beginning. Talim Trainers!

Master Ron Saturno
Saturno Modern Serrada

The durability of the Talim Trainers are the best we've ever used at the bbb compound. They've held up to every slice, lock, hook, and thrust that we've dealt. I highly recommend Talim Trainers to anybody looking to add blade simulation to their martial arts program or to add a beautiful artistic piece to their collection.

Kalani Foster
Buffalo Black Brotherhood

I can't endorse Talim Trainers' products enough. They've been a game changer in blade work for me. Durable and well formed. There is no question about blade awareness and no worry that you will wind up holding nothing but a handle unexpectedly in class.

Master Alessandro Ashanti
Full Circle Warrior Arts

I've owned a Hard Maple Bolo trainer from Talim Trainers for several months now. We use the trainer for edge awareness and to better understand the differences between stick and sword techniques. The weapon is light but solid, comfortable and quick, and fits the hand very well. The bolo is also very durable, going through light to medium contact on a regular basis with only the minimal wear and tear. Talim Trainers is a highly recommended addition to every martial artist's bag of weapons.

H. Phan

I have several Talim Trainers and they're so pretty that it pains me to hit anything with them...Once you get over that though, the blades feel alive and quick in the hand and can take the punishment. Follow the instructions and keep them oiled up so they dent instead of splintering and they'll last you for a long time.

A. Vivero

Talim Trainers addresses one of the key deficiencies in learning Eskrima; specifically, training with sticks. As a student increases the speed and complexity in his movements, technique (blade orientation) degrades. My Talim Trainer Barong and Dagger show me both visually and tactilely correct blade orientation. In addition, my Barong made from Jatoba gives the correct weight of a metal blade without the inherent danger of a metal trainer. One of the most critical success factors in learning the art of Eskrima is the selection of proper training equipment and Talim trainers solves this.

M. Yuen

I highly suggest Talim trainers to those who want to enhance their training in any weapon based martial art. The Itak and Bolo are perfectly crafted. Light enough that your arms will not fatigue quickly, yet the weight feels like you are swinging live blades. These Talim trainers are perfect whether you are a beginner, an intermediate student or an expert in your respective arts. So if you are thinking of adding quality tools in your martial arts bag, get some Talim trainers -- You will not regret it!

J. Laforteza

15-day guarantee

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If you aren't completely satisfied, we offer a 15-day money back guarantee.

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