Hi, my name is Michael, founder and owner of Talim Trainers.

I've always looked for an inexpensive way to convey the concept of "blade awareness" to my students. Although a stick makes for a serviceable alternative to a blade, it can make learning the difference between cutting and striking a little difficult.

When I began training in Eskrima, I learned that the "blade" on the stick followed the line of the middle knuckles of the fingers. The other students and I marked our sticks with a line to show where the blade would actually be. Later on, we used axe handles. The oval shape made it easier to visualize the blade but it wasn't much better. Even with the constant "Remember where the blade is" mantra during practice, I found that the straight sticks just didn't give an accurate feel for how a blade moves. At one point we actually tried using live blades. We would either use duct tape or physically dull the edge to prevent injury. The bad thing about that was that we would essentially ruin a decent blade.

Years went by and I ran across lots of training blades made with different types of plastic, exotic hardwoods and a myriad of other materials. Some were cheap, mass produced pieces of junk that lasted one training session while others were expensive, beautiful pieces of art that I never used for fear of ruining them. I found that the hardwoods, exotic or not, had great longevity which I liked but when they broke, it was ugly! Shards of wood would fly in every direction and people would have to duck and cover to avoid injury.

I started Talim Trainers after years of personal experimentation, expense and injury. Made from one solid piece of wood, these trainers can be used for everything from demonstrations and solo practice to contact training. Each trainer has the shape of an indigenous blade without any unnecessary details. They are about 3/4” thick along the entire length which creates a "blade" that can withstand repeated impact. Last but not least, they are affordable. Good quality and longevity doesn't have to put a strain on the wallet.

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