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Martial arts training can be dangerous and even lethal. Talim Trainers are for practice, demonstration or decorative use only. When using a Talim Trainer, the user expressly and voluntarily assumes all risks, including, but not limited to, personal injury and death. Always train under qualified instruction. Use extreme care when using a Talim Trainer while engaging in martial arts activities. Check the trainer thoroughly before each use to ensure it will function properly. Discard and replace if it does not appear to be in safe condition.

  1. - Each Talim Trainer is shipped untreated. It is highly recommended to treat the trainer with linseed oil. This oil keeps the wood from drying out, provides protection and extends the life of the wood. Tung oil can be used to achieve similar results with a glossy finish. Oil the trainer regularly. Warning: Exercise caution when using Linseed oil. Oil soaked cloths can spontaneously ignite when improperly stored while drying. Follow all safety precautions on the packaging.

  2. - Sand lightly with fine-grit sandpaper to remove dirt and grime.

  3. - Regularly check the trainer for splinters. Sand out with medium-grit sandpaper and smooth with fine-grit. Re-oil the trainer as required.

  4. - Do NOT leave the trainer in direct sun, heat, water or damp areas. This includes leaving the trainer in a vehicle. This can cause the trainer to warp or crack. This is not covered by the guarantee.

  5. - Do NOT use the trainer against metal trainers/weapons. Sharp edges can gouge the wood beyond simply sanding smooth. This is not covered by the guarantee.

  6. - Do NOT use beeswax, varnish, polyurethane, paint, etc. These finishes do not penetrate and preserve the wood. Trainers with these types of finishes are not covered by the guarantee.

  7. - Do NOT neglect oiling the trainer. The moisture content in the wood will change. Moving the trainer from a dry, air conditioned house to a humid workout room may cause the wood to warp. Oiling can prevent this. Also, without oil, the wood can dry out and splinter with contact. This is not covered by the guarantee.

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