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Talim Trainers are approximately 3/4" thick. Made from one solid piece of wood, these trainers are suitable for contact training but are also great for demonstrations, solo practice and no-touch training. Each trainer is crafted in the shape of an indigenous blade without any unnecessary details, sharp edges, inlays or glued and pinned pieces.

Each sword trainer has jute wrapping on the handle. The wrapping aids grip and reduces vibration caused by contact during training.

The following pictures show a sample of the wood species used to craft Talim Trainers. Since wood is a natural product, your particular Talim Trainer may not have exactly the same color or grain pattern.

Hard Maple

Hard Maple


Hard Maple

Baltic Birch

Hard Maple

The Hard Maple trainer is light, quick and resilient. These trainers are designed for light to medium contact. Being of medium density, Hard Maple has the tendency to accumulate “dents” from contact. These dents serve two functions. First, they are a safety feature. Hardwoods, like kamagong, hickory and oak, tend to crack and break without much warning. The dents in the Hard Maple trainer will gradually wear down the structure of the wood and the piece can be discarded before it completely breaks during practice. Second, since the dents are visible, practitioners get immediate feedback with regard to proper blade orientation during practice.

The Jatoba trainer is heavy and dense. These trainers are designed for light to medium contact or solo training to aid in developing strength during practice. Although strong, Jatoba, like other hardwoods, can take a decent beating but will eventually crack, split and break from prolonged hard contact.

Baltic Birch is constructed entirely of birch veneers of equal thickness. The multi-ply construction creates a consistent, stable and strong material with a warm light color. The Kerambit is the only Talim Trainer available in Baltic Birch. Unlike other wood kerambit trainers, this one is break resistant. Feel free to let this one fall to the floor or ground. The days of a broken finger ring are gone!

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